Volume 40| May 2022
Getting Ready for Summer!
Let the Planning Begin!
I am sure I’m not alone in saying I am ready for a vacation. With my grandchildren’s summer break just a month away, my wife and I have just enough time to make sure our vehicle is ready for whatever destination the family chooses. I am sure many of our customers are in the same boat as me. Making sure our vehicle is ready for whatever adventure is coming our way should be everyone’s first step to a relaxing and stress-free trip. The last thing any of us wants to think about is an unexpected trip interruption. I’m so excited for this month’s service specials – all designed to help you get ready for a summer full of fun.
Part of getting ready for summer is giving your vehicle a good cleaning. There is nothing like it! With our service blog this month, we give you some great hacks on how to bring back your vehicles luster and keep it organized. But I know you know that cleaning your car yourself is too time consuming or daunting, our Flemington INFINITI detail team is here for you. Schedule your appointment today!
If, however, your current vehicle is not up for some summer excitement, this might be a good time to check out our newest additions to our inventory, including the all-new fully-redesigned INFINITI QX60. Reach out to our sales team to see what we have available that would fit your driving needs.
For those who are ready to enjoy the great outdoors but staying close to home is more your speed, then we have a great event for you! Join us Memorial Day Monday for the Tour of Somerville Bike Races in beautiful Somerville, NJ. A short drive from Flemington, this race has been an annual tradition that started in 1940. We are excited to once again sponsor this exciting event. Even if you aren’t a big cycling fan, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. You can check out the fabulous vendors, delicious food, and stop by our Flemington Car & Truck Country booth to see some of the coolest models in our dealership group’s lineup.
Speaking of Memorial Day weekend, so that our associates can spend the holiday with their families, we will have special holiday hours. Our service & parts departments will be closed Saturday through Monday and our Sales department will be closed Monday. However, both our virtual showroom and our service scheduler will be available while we are closed and we will be open on Tuesday at our regular times.
So no matter how you plan to celebrate the summer, know our team is here to help you. Don’t miss our service specials and if you haven’t already downloaded our mobile app, you should check that out as well. 
Once again, thank you for being part of our Flemington INFINITI family and I hope you enjoy our latest newsletter!
Steve Kiley
General Manager
Flemington INFINITI
Join Us in Somerville!
Secret Car Cleaning Hacks Revealed
We all know there is nothing like that clean car feeling. While finding a car wash near you will spruce up your vehicle, it won’t get that deep scrubbing that comes with a full detail cleaning. If you have a couple hours to spare to do-it-yourself, our car cleaning hacks can help you get that same professional clean without breaking the bank.
Brighten Your Cars Exterior
Try these simple car cleaning hacks for your exterior to restore the shine to your car’s finish:
Wash your car to keep allergies to a minimum – Skip the expensive car wash solutions. Mix a mild dish detergent with hot water to clean off your vehicle. Adding a wax finish to your vehicle will help reduce the amount of pollen that will stick to your car’s finish. While applying wax can be very labor intensive, try using a hair conditioner instead. Wipe the conditioner onto your vehicle with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth, then rinse off the extra residue. Once dry, give the car a quick buff with a dry clean cloth.
See where you are going – If your headlights have become foggy, just grab your toothpaste and a toothbrush! Coat the lenses of your headlights with the toothpaste and scrub gently in a circular motion with the toothbrush. Let it set for 5-10 minutes then rinse and wipe off for clearer illumination!
No Bugs Allowed! – An easy way to remove the dry dead bugs off your vehicle can be found in your laundry room. Add two dryer sheets to a spray bottle filled half way with water. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, Then spray it directly onto the bug residue. Then use another dryer sheet to wipe away the bugs. Repeat the process where necessary.
Interior Car Cleaning
Now that the world will be admiring the great job you did on the exterior of your vehicle, you have a front row seat to the interior. Before you dive in, give your car a good cleanout and vacuum.  Use the crevice tool to get deep into the valleys of the seats and in those hard-to-reach spots.
Wipe everything down – Using a multi-surface cleaner and clean microfiber cloth. Be sure to spray the cleaner ONTO THE CLOTH and not directly onto the surface. This will reduce overspray and drips. Change your cloths when they get dingy.
Get to the Nooks and Crannies – there are a couple of ways to dislodge packed-in dirt and debris.
Slime It! – The Slimy Goo that your kids play with is actually a terrific car cleaning gel to remove the micro-layer of dirt caught around the buttons and in the corners of your car. Roll the slime over these hard to clean surfaces and you will pick up tons of debris.
Toothbrush – For those caked-on messes, dip a toothbrush into soapy water and give the spot a good rub. This is on the list of favorite spring cleaning hacks.
Not Just for Painting – a small foam brush is perfect to use in your ventilation systems. Spray a little multi-purpose cleaner on a damp brush and insert it between the louvers to sweep away dust and debris. This is an especially great car care tips for allergies.
Control the Trash – Hang a decorative reusable bag behind the front passenger seat or place a large food container on the floor to use as a garbage receptacle.
If however, you don’t have the time to dig Cheerios out of your backseat or analyze the sticky residue in your cupholders, then a professional detail cleaning may be the wiser way to go. Our team of experienced experts can get your car back to showroom condition in a matter of
hours. Schedule a professional detail cleaning with our service team today.
May Service Special Highlights
All Offers Expire 5/31/2022
Are You Approaching the End of your Car Lease?
Return Your Lease
& Purchase/Lease another INFINITI
Purchase Your Leased Vehicle
Sell Us Your Leased Vehicle
Let us put your mind at ease and make you aware of your options. If you have 6 months or less remaining on your lease, now is the time to start thinking about what you’re going to do. Flemington INFINITI can assist you in making a decision that is right for you. 
Contact our team today and we will walk you through the process.
When it’s time to return your current vehicle, we want you to stay in the INFINITI family. We’ll waive up to $500 in excess wear-and-use charges along with your $395 disposition fee, if applicable, on your current IFS lease when you purchase or lease a new INFINITI.
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