How Often Do Spark Plugs Need to Be Changed?

row of spark plugs

“When do I change spark plugs?” Bridgewater drivers ask the crew at our service center this question a lot! Generally, it’s recommended you change your spark plugs every 30,000 miles. As always, check the owner’s manual on your vehicle for more specific information. We cover more about how often to change spark plugs and other spark plug facts below!

When Do I Change Spark Plugs? 

Many Princeton, NJ drivers can trust the 30,000-mile recommendation, but you should also be aware of what your vehicle is telling you. Spark plugs ignite your engine, so problems with them relate to starting your vehicle and how the combustion system works. Here are signs that you should change spark plugs: 

  • Engine misfires 
  • Engine is slow to start or doesn’t start at all 
  • Feeling that the engine is “rough” running 
  • Feeling that the engine is “rough” when idling 
  • Subpar acceleration 
  • Lowered fuel economy 

If you’re experiencing these issues, schedule service as soon as you can!

Benefits of Changing Your Spark Plugs

There’s a good reason that our service tips for Bensalem, PA drivers contain information on how often to change spark plugs. These have a holistic effect on your vehicle, so good spark plug maintenance leads to lots of other benefits:

  • Consistent Combustion system: Your vehicle’s combustion should be running continuously to make the engine run as it should. 
  • Smooth Start: It’s never a good sign when you struggle to start your engine, or you can feel it trying to start. Get smooth starts by changing your spark plugs when recommended. 
  • Better Fuel Economy: Worn-down spark plugs can have serious effects on your fuel economy, reducing it by up to 30%! To save on gas, change your spark plugs. 
  • Improved Emissions: Good spark plug maintenance helps improve your emissions. 

Get Spark Plug Service at Flemington INFINITI

At Flemington INFINITI, we’re always ready to help Flemington-area drivers take great care of their vehicles. Our certified technicians can tackle almost any maintenance task you need done with OEM parts for your vehicle. Find spark plug service and other essential maintenance tasks on our list of service specials to save money, and contact us today with any further INFINITI spark plug maintenance questions you might have.

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