How Do I Check Tire Tread Depth?

Tire Tread

Have you wondered, “How do I check tire tread wear?” Many drivers have, and Flemington INFINITI has the answers. All that’s needed is a penny and a ruler, and you can quickly and easily check the tire tread depth right at home in Bensalem, PA. Learn more and contact our service center if you have any additional questions.

What is the Recommended Tire Tread Depth?

If you’re driving a new INFINITI vehicle or recently purchased new tires, the tread depth should be about 10/32 or 11/32 of an inch (about a third of an inch). Winter tires and tires designed for off-roading, as well as some pickup truck and SUV tires, may have deeper tread grooves.

Are the tires at 2/32 of an inch? If so, it’s time to replace your tires, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Proper tire tread depth is essential to safe driving in the Bridgewater and Princeton, NJ areas, and proper tire care also extends the life of your tires.

The Penny Test

The best way to do an accurate test is with a ruler, but a penny will work just fine. The design on the U.S. penny makes it the perfect measuring tool. Follow the steps below:

  1. Insert a penny with Lincoln’s head face first into a tire tread groove.
  2. Observe if Lincoln’s head is covered and no longer visible between the grooves.
  3. If you can see all of Lincoln’s face, that means your tire treads are 2/32 inches deep or less, and it’s time to replace them.
  4. Repeat this process on all four tires and in multiple locations on each tire.

More Ways to Check Tire Health

There are special tools available in Bensalem, PA to check your tires like a tire tread depth gauge or tread wear bars that have a visible mark built into the tire which indicates the 2/32 inch mark. While checking your tire tread depth be sure to inspect the following:

  • Tire pressure
  • Any visible tire damage
  • Tire rot or disintegration
  • Wheel alignment

Learn How to Check Tire Tread Depth at Flemington INFINITI!

Visit the Flemington INFINITI service center for routine maintenance, and the certified technicians will efficiently inspect your tires for any issues or major wear. Visit our tire center to learn about INFINITI tires or when it’s time to replace your tires, and don’t forget to check out our parts and service specials for added savings! Give us a call with any other service-related questions like what happens if you don’t change your oil and how to check coolant levels.

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